Some analysts believe Holmes projects best at the

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wholesale nfl jerseys But the athleticism and ability to beat blocks make him a versatile option for Sean McDermott’s defense.Size: 5 feet 9 inches, 195 poundsHere’s an interesting nugget from The Athletic’s Dane Brugler on Holmes: “Confident competitor and takes it personally when his man makes the catch.” Sounds like a perfect fit for what McDermott looks for in his defensive backs. Some analysts believe Holmes projects best at the next level as a slot cornerback but he played on the outside at UCLA. He Cheap Jerseys from china has some development to do but the Bills haven’t shied away from those kinds of prospects the last three drafts.. wholesale nfl jerseys

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Several teams, including the Rams and Chargers, asked to play their most far flung games in consecutive weeks in order to stay over and practice on the road. The league granted eight such requests. So the Rams play at Philadelphia and Buffalo in consecutive weeks, and the Chargers play back to back games at Tampa Bay and New Orleans..

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